Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unexpected surprises

The lilacs are blooming already. In fact, they're in full bloom and will be gone in a week or 2. Now, that's not really an unexpected surprise, but a day off today to enjoy them is. We needed to get our car into the shop to have it inspected/tuned up, so that left me with lots of quiet time to myself this morning.

Which was an unexpected thing. You see, I had an appointment scheduled, but the friend who I was supposed to meet is trying to get her little baby back to health. They found themselves in the hospital due to his illness. Hopefully he gets to come home today. Unexpected surprise, and not a very good one at that for them.

Seriously, is there anything worse than your kids being sick? or hurting? or floundering somehow? I can't think of anything. Of all the things that have caused Gary and I the most hurt and worry, it's our kids. Bumps on the foreheads needing stitches, broken arms, ear infections, weird rashes, calls in the middle of the night for pick ups...... from them, or the police..... yep, we've been through it all.

Where do you turn when life deals you an unexpected surprise?

RUN! Run to the arms of God, your Father. Tell Him your fears, worries, frustrations, and anger. Hold on to Him and His Word.

That's the only way I've gotten through any of my big unexpected surprises.

I got another unexpected surprise yesterday from Gary. He knows I love the Avila Beach area, so without asking, he just made reservations at a quaint little inn in the foothills over there for us during my Easter vacation week. What a lovely surprise! Ahhhhh, breathing in the fresh ocean air, taking long walks in the foothills, hot tubbin' it, walking on the pier, eating clam chowder, and time.... time to do nuthin'! and whatever we're wantin'. I am really looking forward to it.

So, back to the lilacs. I'm glad I got to enjoy my unexpected time with them this morning. But I do hope that my friend and her little Rusty are home and enjoying a long nap. In the meantime, I'm going to go see what else might be blooming out there. What else is God planting, fertilizing and watering for me to be surprised with?

Oops.... unexpected surprise #3. Mitchell just called and wants to know, if I'm not too busy can I bring him a soda and some crackers.... HA HA HA! I'm glad I'm home and can do this for him today.

Let me know how you were unexpectedly surprised lately. I'd love to hear from you!

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